ClearCam Underwater Video Housings

Please read the FAQ on the design page before emailing with questions.

Included in the package you get

  • ClearCam Housing
  • Lead Ballast
  • Instruction Manual
  • 12 months warranty

Will your camera fit in the housing ? Please don't ask me - I really don't know. Just print out this template, cut the centre out between the top and the base plate, making sure the dimensions are correct. If the camera goes through the template and is less than 175 mm long it will fit in the housing. The template dimensions are in mm. Please check it prints the correct size on your printer. If not, draw the template and check the size that way.

Cameras that are known to fit include;

  • Sony TRV-11E
  • Sony TRV-18E
  • Sony TRV-19E
  • Sony TRV-20E
  • Sony DCR-HC85E
  • Panasonic NV-MX500

Please note: I have currently suspended ordering of standard housings, but I may be able to make individual or custom housings on request.

Prices start from £250 + shipping but are dependent on your requirements.