ClearCam Underwater Video Housings

Buoyancy is controlled by a small lead weight that fits under the camera mounting plate. The lead weighs around 640 grams (about 1.4 pounds), depending on your camera weight, to make the camera neutral in the water. The design keeps the housing as small as possible to aid in minimising the amount of lead required - this means you have more luggage allowance for the rest of your dive gear.

Handles are easily removed to help keep the camera as small as possible when being transported. The handles are drilled to accept a lanyard on both sides - one on your wrist plus an additional one to your BCD for increased security of your camera.

Your camera is easily attached to the camera mounting plate by small velcro pads. This allows it to be easily moved in and out of the housing. The velcro pads can be left on your camera when it's not in the housing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Will my camera xyz fit in the housing.
A. I don't know. Check the ordering page and the size template for details of what will fit in the housing. Unless it's listed, only you can tell if it will fit.

Q. How do I control the camera.
A. You don't. Just put the camera in the housing, press record, and put the end on. Now jump into the water and film everything. Most tapes run for at least an hour so this is normally enough time to film. You then edit the footage back on the surface.

Q. But surely I need to focus etc. don't I ?
A. By setting the camera on manual focus and setting to just under infinity the focal range of the camera is about 1 foot to as far as you can see underwater.

Q. Do you offer lights, or controls.
A. I can add mounting points for lights if you want them, contact me for more details and prices. I don't the sell lights themselves. I don't offer controls as these need to be customised for each camera model. I've never found I needed them anyway, point and shoot does a pretty good job.